Join Franklin Hill Perrell and Debbie Wells on unique art adventures as we present original and expertly curated itineraries of the best art gallery exhibitions in NYC and beyond. Our carefully researched itineraries include group visits to Chelsea, Lower East Side, 57th Street and Madison Avenue in glamorous galleries, luxurious brownstones, trendy little storefronts and restored factory-style buildings with many surprises along the way! We offer three options to register for our live and interactive classes. If you are unable to make these dates, you can always join in the fun with a combination of live sessions in a different group and recordings.

Art Gallery Series Schedule - WINTER 2022
5 sessions- Cost: $195
Group A/ Tuesdays at 11am: Jan 18, Jan 25, Feb 8, Feb 15, Feb 22
Group B/ Wednesdays at 11am: Jan 19, Jan 26, Feb 9, Feb 16, Feb 23

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Join Franklin and Debbie for an art history live and interactive webinar series sure to entertain...Surrender on Demand! That was the chilling declaration by the suddenly empowered Nazi captors of Vichy France, which had been up to that point at least a tenuous refuge for those fleeing their oppressors. At least two heroic ivy educated Americans, Varian Fry and Hiram Bingham, with high-level state department connections, agreed to a covert rescue mission, largely in violation of official policy. An ardent, anti-Nazi, Fry said, "I could not remain idle as long as I had any chances at all of saving even a few of its intended victims." Through the support of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, the Emergency Rescue Committee provided funding, to rescue a list of about a thousand artists, intellectuals, and like cultural figures deemed endangered. Among these was a group that included the most significant modern artists and art personalities in Europe: Marc Chagall, Max Ernst, Alma Mahler Gropius Werfel, Jacques Lipchitz, Marcel Duchamp, Jean Arp, Harrah Arendt, André Breton, Roberto Matta, and Wifredo Lam.

Art History Series Schedule - WINTER 2022
5 sessions- Cost: $195
Thursdays at 11am: Jan 13, Jan 27, Feb 10, Feb 24 & March 10

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Art is everywhere. Travel with us on artful virtual adventures to get a VIP experience to cultural destinations throughout the world.From the amazing collections established by King Charles I to the trendiest exhibitions of post young-Brit art, it is clear why London has always been an essential destination for art connoisseurs. Let’s imagine getting together with like-minded friends to dig deep into London’s artistic persona. When last you visited did you spend all the time desired? or learned everything needed? Sit back and let Debbie Wells and Franklin Hill Perrell (truly steeped in London lore,) be your guides. We’ll focus on museums, art galleries and cultural sites: British Museum, National Portrait Gallery, London Museum, Tate Modern, V & A, Serpentine Gallery, White Cube, Hauser & Wirth, Hogarth House and more. For more info, visit www.artfulcircle.com.

Artful International Series Schedule - WINTER 2022
5 sessions- Cost: $195
Mondays at 11am - Feb 14, March 7, 21, April 4 and 18

For all registration info and to pay by credit card, click button above. To pay by check, contact us at debbie@artfulcircle.com

liza and liz


This Mini-Series is a combination of Art, Fashion and Personal Stories like no other as we take a deep dive into the days of Halston and American fashion, Studio 54, celebrity culture, disco and Pop, Richard Bernstein and Interview Magazine cover art, the Warhol Factory and Andy himself. What makes this so special is our VIP interviews that give a personal touch to the times, along with a richly illustrated presentation. We will cover the past achievements of these great creatives, as well as ways to continue their legacies so that future generations will appreciate their star status.

Get an insider's perspective from our exclusive one-on-one interviews with:
Lesley Frowick, Founder/Director of The Halston Personal Archives (and Halston's niece)
Rory Trifon, President of The Estate of Richard Bernstein (and Bernstein's nephew)
Audrey Schilt, renowned Fashion Illustrator who created images for Halston, Bergdorf Goodman, Ralph Lauren, and more.

Halston Warhol & High Style Mini-Series Schedule - WINTER 2022
3 sessions- Cost: $120
Thursdays at 11am: March 3, 17 and 31

For all registration info and to pay by credit card, click button above. To pay by check, contact us at debbie@artfulcircle.com