Join Franklin Hill Perrell & Debbie Wells of Artful Circle on virtual, educational and unique art adventures all over the world. This time, we are taking an all new virtual stroll around New York City's famous Central Park! Our prior classes covered a small area of the park and now we are venturing beyond. This is Part 3 of our Central Park Series. Everyone has been asking...Aren't there more sculptures to see? The answer is YES! Our first 2 webinars have been so popular, we are continuing our journey through Central Park with all new art to see! Haven't seen our previous webinars on Central Park or want to watch them again? If you register for this August 25th session, we will send you the replay links for the first two. Each session stands alone with different art in different sections of the park, so it doesn't matter what order you watch the recordings or if you watch them at all.

Central Park is a major attraction for native New Yorkers and tourists alike with its sprawling landscapes, recreational spots and cultural landmarks. However, there is another side of the park that we want to give our full artful attention - the art in the park. Since 1863, nearly seventy sculptures (numbers range according to experts) have been installed throughout the Central Park. Let us show you where they are located and the artists who made them, along with the stories behind their creation and historic significance. The sculptures of Central Park celebrate historical figures such as Alexander Hamilton to fictional characters like these from Frances Hodson Burnet's The Secret Garden in the Conservatory Garden. One can also find magnificent examples of animalier art even beyond the Central Park Zoo: a bronze tiger crouches on a rock, as if ready to pounce; an eagle captures its prey from a mid-air descent; while bears and other creatures play at fountains. The story of Cleopatra's Needle, otherwise known as the obelisk, is especially intriguing, as would be all the original backstories and current controversies about the Maine Memorial and Columbus Momument at Columbus Circle. The artful work continues today, as we introduce the park's latest addition, the innovative Women's Rights Pioneers Monument, its first statue to depict real women of history.



Join Artful Circle co-founders Franklin Hill Perrell and Debbie Wells on virtual art adventures as we present original and expertly curated itineraries of the best art gallery exhibitions in New York. Our carefully researched itineraries include group visits to NY's Chelsea, Lower East Side, SoHo 57th Street and Madison Avenue and more. Since we are virtual, we also include fabulous exhibitions from as far as Brooklyn, Hamptons, Palm Beach, London and beyond. See art in glamorous galleries, luxurious brownstones, trendy little storefronts and restored factory-style buildings with many surprises along the way! We also show you our Artful Landmarks along the way to get you into the spirit of each gallery locale. The approximately hour-long talk is live and interactive (with a chat feature). Enjoy the current art scene with an insider's perspective complete with educational commentary mixed with entertaining banter! If you are unable to make your designated date, request a replay recording or contact us to reschedule to the other session that week at debbie@artfulcircle.com. No matter what, you will never miss a session!

5 SESSIONS : $175
Group A/ Tuesdays at 11am: Sept 21, 28, Oct 12, 19, 26
Group B/ Wednesdays at 11am: Sept 22, 29, Oct 13, 20, 27
Group C/ Tuesdays at 7pm: Sept 21, 28, Oct 12, 19, 26